she's one.

i'm not going to start this post by saying that i can't believe she's one.  cause everyone thinks that about their one year old.  i'm not going to say how the year absolutely flew by.  cause that's a given.  i won't bore you with the fact that we packed away the bottles and quit formula, cold turkey...which solidified the fact that she's not.  a.  baby.  anymore. 

so, since i won't go there.  i will stick with the regular old post about the world according to drew...month t.w.e.l.v.e.

here she goes...

i weigh 18 lbs even (9th percentile)
i am 28 inches long (17th percentile)
that means i've gained 15 lbs and grown 10 inches in a year!
i have taken a couple steps
and i stand on my own
but crawling is just quicker, right now
i just switched to size 3 diapers
and i wear 3-6 and 6-9 mo clothing
i have a best friend ... gingie, my mermaid
my communication is exploding
i understand bunches of words
i point to everything...
...and say something like, "wassat?"
and i consistently say about 11 words
daddy - dada
night night - nigh nigh
gingie - didi
water - wawa
quack quack - ka ka
monkey sound - ah ah
doggy sound - oo oo
doggy - dah gah
yummy - nom nom
ball - bah
go go go - guh guh guh
book - buh
juuuuust waitin for the perfect time to say "mama"

drew olivia, i know every parent thinks their child hung the moon.  but when i held all 5 tiny pounds of you for the first time, i was certain you did.  every moment is more fun than the next and i am so excited to see you grow.  you may be itsy bitsy but you're a fiery little lady.  and you are everything we hoped for.  we are lucky beyond measure to be your parents.  happy birthday, pickle.



  1. She's so pretty she doesn't even look real! You are so blessed!

  2. Her expressions are the funniest and cutest things I've seen. Also, your post made me tear up.. haha :)


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