best laid plans.

do things ever really go as planned?  rarely.

when you work in a school, everyone says you should try to have a march or april baby.  because then you can have the baby on or around your due date...have a nice long maternity leave...then roll right on into summer for a bonus couple of months with the new little one.

with drew...bed rest started on, literally, the last day of school.  she came a month early and i took my six weeks at the start of the school year.  giving me a seventeen week maternity leave with her.  perfect.  almost better than planned!

when we tried for number 2 and learned we were expecting in late march, i thought we really timed it perfectly.  although, in the back of my mind, i knew this one could come early like little miss drew.

i started progesterone shots about halfway through to hopefully prevent any preterm labor this time around.  and, hey...they seem to be working.  what i didn't expect was some unexplained hypertension this time around.

so, here i am...on bed rest, which started at 33 weeks.  and if you do the math, that's roughly (give or take) seven weeks until this baby could potentially come. 

and if you work in a school district, you might know that you don't accrue many sick days...and when you've had two kiddos less than two years apart those sick days deplete real quick.  of course there's always short term disability.  and while that's all good and well, they're only going to pay out as long as i am truly considered "disabled" after this baby actually does arrive...6 weeks.  yuk!  thinking about going back six weeks after this baby comes seriously makes me want to gag.  people do it, i know.  but h.o.w....?

if you ask me...something should change.  six, or even eight weeks is not enough time.  (btw, i do realize fmla covers my bed rest time + the six weeks but that only holds my job.  that doesn't put money in the bank.)


i will end my rant for now.  i'm going to get back to doing work from home.  which i don't really have to do, but i won't sleep if i don't do.  ...work that i'm not getting paid to do by my district...but by some insurance company... at 2/3 my salary.

so, be advised.  the best laid plans slip right through your hands.  but we'll get through it
...or at least we plan to.


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