gift from a hair dryer

my friend shared this with me.  instant tears.
...if you have a daughter (or a heart, at all)...please read.

so sweet.  why does time fly so quickly?

"comb and dry, comb and dry.  soon i won't be able to do this any more, you say to yourself, knowing that the little straight bob must inevitably yield to grown-up coiffures and ugly curlers.  what will she be like at fouteen?  where will her hair be blowing then?  and sixteen.  and eighteen.  you suppose boys will love to watch her hair blow as you do now.  and some of them will feel it on their faces...and one of them will marry her and her hair will be perfect under that veil.  ...and there will be her hair spread out on his pillow... oh, you hate him a little.  and wonder where he is at this exact moment and whether he'll be good to her.  they will grow old together.  the gold-brown hair will be gray, and you will be gone, and then she will be gone... this very hair that now your fingers smooth.

all the tears of the world swim for a second in your eyes, as you snatch the plug out of the socket suddenly and gather her into your arms burying your face in the warm hair as if you could seal this moment against all time."

Gift from a Hair Dryer - Mary Jean Irion

...go get a tissue.


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