she's lucky she's cute.

 i don't know if we got a little taste of colic last night, but...yuck!

first off...like i've said before...drew does not like to be swaddled but sleeps much better when she is.  she still has that pesky startle reflex and will wake her up instantly if you put her to sleep without a swaddle.

well...we ran into a problem the other night when i watched her alllllmost roll over to her belly as she was attempting to houdini out of the sleep sack.  so, wouldn't any mom stop swaddling at that point?  because i did.  i'm terrified she might find herself on her belly with no arms free!

so, that night wasn't terrible.  she managed to get herself to sleep pretty quickly and woke up just once for a quick feeding, then went back to sleep for another few hours.  was the transition out of the swaddle that easy? score!


cut to last night.  she eats.  and falls asleep and it is 9:45.  goes in her crib.  with paci, unswaddled.  this is a bit earlier than normal and jake and i are high fiving because we're getting in bed before 11.  we chat.  watch a bit of conan ...and then she wakes up.  we wait to see if she will get back to sleep.  not happening.  let the crying ensue. 

and it didn't stop.  it went on and on.  i fed her more.  she fell asleep.  she woke up as soon as i put her down.  i rocked her.  i cuddled her with her paci.  she fell asleep.  she woke up when i put her down.  i held her ten different ways.  jake held her ten different ways.  she fell asleep.  she woke up when i put her down!!  i swaddled one arm.  i turned on her twilight turtle.  she would be asleep.  she'd wake up when i put her down.  when she would wake up, it wasn't a sad cry...or hungry cry...or even a cry at all.  it was a angry scream that i have never heard before.  she was one pissed off baby
maybe gas?  so i gave her some mylicon drops.  held her in a "side-lying" position and we walked the hallway.  finally, she fell into what seemed to be a deep sleep.  drool running down my arm and all.  this was at 12:45.  so we had about 2.5 hours of what in the world is wrong with you super sad sally.  granted, i know some mommies and daddies have it way worse, but...when it comes out of nowhere it really freaks you out.  then, i kept thinking...is this the start of colic?  can they develop it at 3 months old?  oh, please no.

so if any of you moms out there have any suggestions...you just send them my way.  hopefully, this was just a fluke thing and little drew just had an upset belly.  ya.  i'm going to keep my fingers crossed for that.

she's napping now and i should be following that golden rule of sleep when baby sleeps.  but how does anyone get anything done in that scenario?  the dishwasher is calling my name...

also...i have just over a month left of maternity leave (tear).  any fabulous suggestions for the transition to the sitter?



  1. oh I feel ya. H was a great sleeper until three months. There's just something terrible about three months....

    Hoping it was a fluke!

  2. When my little guy transitioned out of the swaddle he would wake up also. I found that if I just left him in the bed and rubbed his belly or back he would go back to sleep. That way I didn't have the problem of him waking up when I put him down. Just an idea that I hope helps! Good luck!

  3. Hopefully it's just a fluke! When the girls would cry...and to this day when they do... we wouldn't ever get them out of their cribs. We just rubbed their backs, gave them a paci and sometimes restarted their music. Here's to hoping she just had a rough night. Poor thing...and poor mommy.:(

  4. Madyson did that too one of the first nights we took her out of the swaddle and I think it reached a point where she was only comfortable in our arms because she had worked herself into a frenzy. I'm sure it was just one of those nights! We also don't do a pacifier at night that way when it pops out she doesn't freak out.

  5. As a mom of a 2 1/2 month old "good" baby I don't have any tips on the soothing but I can empathize with the fact it is impossible to sleep when the baby sleeps all the time... nothing would ever get done! Hope your little one feels better!


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