the arrival of a new little one.

this post is so over due! 

with a girls' weekend trip last weekend, followed by one crazy work week and then a trip to michigan this weekend...i have neglected my blog readers and i have failed to announce the arrival of...

drumroll p l e a s e.....................

hudson ryan davis
the first grand baby on my husband's side...and my first nephew!

born 11.11.11
8 lbs 5 oz.
22 in. long
the cutest head of dark hair

he wasn't intended to arrive until thanksgiving day, but he was ready to join the world a little sooner than everyone expected.  and aren't we glad he did!

*the pictures are courtesy of glory photography.  the photographer just so happens to be hudson's aunt (daddy's sister).  you will not regret visiting glory's facebook page.  and if you really like 'em, book them!  amy and christy don't disappoint!

go ahead and gawk at a few more!

daddy loves baseball
hats knitted by his grandma
snug as a bug
finally getting to meet him after my girls' trip!
i mean, seriously...

 and through the c-section scars, the excitement of welcoming her new son into the world and the hormone rollercoaster...tara (my amazing s.i.l. and this lucky guy's mommy) had the heart to ask me how i was doing.  how i was feeling.  because she's that good.

i told you here that we'd have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving.  and, boy, is it true.  i'm thankful for this little guy and his mommy and daddy.  he couldn't have a better pair of parents.  and that...is the truth.

**i am anticipating that i will inundate you withblog posts this week, as i only work monday and tuesday.  i will make up for lost time. 

**as for an update on us.  there is no update.  i wish there were.  .....we're hopeful.

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