the big house.

my dad is a university of michigan alum.  and when you grow up in this family, or marry in, you become a fan [whether you like it or not].

my dad finally got jake to the big house [michigan stadium] last weekend. 

some stats:  built in 1927 | in ann arbor, michigan | there were 114,000+ poeple the day we were there | only the upper 20 rows are visible from the outside...the rest are built below grade | it is the largest stadium in the u.s.

they played and beat nebraska [welcoming them to the big 10].

it. was. so. cold.
i have a small soft spot for nebraska because of my friend, audrey.

lots of people, which kept it rather cozy.

 i should have taken pictures of the tailgate we participated in.  it was amazing.  and, as a bonus, i got to see my aunt and uncle for a few hours.

one other fun fact.  my dad's dad, bob, who passed last christmas day was the biggest michigan fan who ever lived.  and when i walked into the stadium, i was greeted by a sweet old man wearing a name tag that read bob.  and out of 114,000+ people, i saw this bob probably four times.  it made me smile.  go blue.


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