the world according to drew | month 8

eight months young
and each stage is so much more fun than the next
we have an awesome sleeper on our hands (knock on wood)
and we're on.the.move.

according to drew... (couple weeks late)

i am about 14 ish lbs.
i got really good at crawling the week i turned 8 months
i started pulling up on things the very next week
i only take bottles now (much to mommy's dismay...that's another post)
but i still get some from our frozen stash
i crawl to mommy's feet and wait to be picked up
when going from tile to carpet (or v/v), i do this hilarious plank position
i'm starting to eat puffs/blueberries and baby mum-mums
although i pick them up, i'd rather look at them than put them in my mouth
but...i put everything else in my mouth
i eat four 7 oz. bottles and two solid meals per day
bed time is 7 on the dot
i'd go to bed earlier if they let me
i wake up anywhere between 6:30 and 8 (on a great day)
i give an open mouth kiss to mommy
i have a tooth (was that part of 7 months?)
"itsy bitsy spider" can always make me happy in the car
my favorite toys are:  balls, my remote, my B keys...
and anything that isn't a toy
no babbles yet but lots of "ahhhhhhhhhhs" and pitch inflections
(my slp mommy can't wait for babbles!)
i imitate sounds (vowels, raspberries, tongue clicking)
and actions (clapping, banging hands, tapping toys together)
no baby signs yet (although not for lack of effort by mommy)
and i'm as precious and as sweet as can be!


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