the world according to drew | month 4


i weigh 10 lbs. 14 oz. - that's 5th percentile
i am 24" long - that's 38th percentile
i eat 4-5 oz. every 3-4 hours
i'm still nursing and i have been picky about bottles
...but i'm getting better!
i go to bed around 8:30
...and i've slept 10 hours the past two nights!
i wear size 1 diapers
i wear 0-3 clothes and my mommy squeezes me in some newborn
i still have red hair
i've lost a little on the sides
my eyes are still blue/gray
i love to talk, especially in the morning
i enjoy tummy time
i'm so close to rolling over
i absolutely love bath time
...but hate getting out
i like to suck on the nubbins of my luvee (see video)
i love to lay and kick on my play yard
i reach for, grasp and hold things
i love links
everything goes in my mouth
i love watching my doggy walk around the house
we just retired the baby swing for a jumper (thanks cousin hudson!)



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