baby gear.

i just wanted to share our favorite things for the time being.  i like seeing posts like this, so i figured someone out there might like to see this one!

1.  dr. brown's wide-neck bottles, 2. Summer Infant Video Monitor, 3. Fischer Price Snug-a-Bunny Swing
4.  Aiden and Aines swaddle blankets, 5.  Bath Luve, 6.  Nap Nanny
 1.  bottles - we originally tried the standard dr. brown's bottles but switched at about 4 weeks because she started to have difficulty latching on to them.  the wide-neck bottles have a little different nipple which flattens out more at the base, resembling a natural 'boob'.  she's done great with the dr. brown bottles and actually spits up less with a bottle than she does when I nurse.  hmmm...

2.  monitor - two mommy friends recommended this monitor.  drew has been in her room since 3 weeks because i would wake up to every.little.noise she made and this monitor has been so handy!  if i knew those first few weeks what i know now about drew, i'd get more sleep and i wouldn't have picked her up in the middle of the night so much.  we've learned that if her eyes are closed and she's grunting and making noises, she w i l l go back to sleep.

3.  swing - always puts her to sleep if she's ready but fighting it.  love that it plugs in [doesn't guzzle batteries] and love that you can change the direction of the swing.

4.  blankets - these are light and airy for summer, great to cover her up when out and about, excellent hooter-hiders and the perfect size for swaddling.  love.

5.  luve - my mom got me this bath luve and drew loves it.  i love baths and i know if you're not totally submerged or covered up, you get c.o.l.d.  this is basically a giant washcloth that covers baby's chest and shoulders.  we love it.

6.  nap nanny - we have a love/hate relationship.  we originally bought it because she wasn't sleeping well in the pack'n'play early on.  she would also spit up in her sleep, so i was uber nervous to lay her flat.  and while she seems to sleep well in it [6+ hours five nights last week!], i am a little nervous about the transition out of it.  she can't sleep in it forever.  i've tried a few naps without it.  just her on her back, in some kind of swaddler.  naps last, maybe, 20 minutes.  i will keep trying... 

i will leave you with another pic taken by amy at glory photography.
makes the delta zeta in me smile...




  1. Kimber slept in her nap nanny in the pack 'n play for the first three months. To transition her to her crib, I put a wedge under the mattress for a month or so until I knew she did not have reflux issue. I hope this helps!

  2. Love hearing your thoughts on what works best for you and love the pic of your sweet girl! Our one month up spits up less with a Dr. Brown bottle than when I nurse too... thanks for sharing!

  3. We have the same swing for my 4 month old daughter and I love it. We also bought the Snugabunny Rock N' Play sleeper and I recommend it to everybody that has a baby. And the sweet baby picture is precious!


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